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Farnham Spa Facilities

Adult Only Spa

Infinity Swimming & Hydrotherapy Pool

Enjoy beautiful scenery and fresh air with our wonderful indoor/outdoor infinity hydrotherapy pool; with the water lapping over the outside edge it really does seem to be an endless delight. Relax with the water massage jets featured in the indoor pool and increase this pleasure further when you swim outside and lounge on the raised platform with extensive leg and back massage jets.

Relaxation Areas

And so to relax… there are two quiet and peaceful relaxation rooms to snuggle down for quiet contemplation and rest. The first is for post treatment relaxation and is adjacent to the treatment rooms on the first floor, the second is for rest after using the Water Mint Thermal Suite and is located beside the Infinity pool on the lower ground floor.

Please note that the Health Spa and its facilities are for adults over 16 years only.  

Water Mint Thermal Suite

The Water Mint Thermal Suite at Farnham Estate Health Spa is a journey of the senses, with hot and cold experiences to awaken the circulation, warm the muscles, stimulate energy flows and create a deep feeling of relaxation. The journey may take as long as three hours or you may use only the elements that you enjoy the most.

Aroma Steam Bath

Steam and essential oils combine to create the wonderful atmosphere of this unique inhalation room.  (click to get further information below)

The cabin temperature reaches 45 ºC and the humidity is 100%. The body heats up gently as you start to perspire. The automatically injected jet of steam stimulates the blood circulation and starts the purifying and detoxifying process.

Take one of the individual seats, ergonomically shaped for a very comfortable position. The seats are heated, as are the walls, and the central table can be used as a foot rest.

How to get the best results?

The ideal time in this Aroma Steam Bath is 15 to 20 minutes. After this steamy experience we recommend a refreshing shower and 20-30 minutes rest.

Amethyst – Salt Inhalation Room

The amethyst helps induce deep and calm sleep. It clears dreams, banishes fear, rage, and anger. It supports curing of impurities with eczema, headache, and cramps. (click to get further information below)

The combination of steam and salt is the ideal remedy for respiratory disorders, a blessing for lungs, and a health fountain for bronchial tubes, ideal for regeneration for the whole breathing area.

How to get the best results?

You should stay in the healing environment of the Amethyst-Salt Inhalation Room for 20-30 minutes. The temperature is 45 ºC and the humidity is 100%.
After this steamy experience we recommend a refreshing shower and 20-30 minutes rest.

Snail Showers

Combine the heat treatments with this unique shower experience, using the following options:

A Classic head shower. Feel the water all over your body as it drenches you in soothing warm water.

Enjoy the tingling sensation of a cool, invigorating, peppermint mist. It’s a refreshing and revitalising experience.

Refresh with a cold rain shower. Use it in combination with the heat treatments for stimulating and toning the body.

Activates the side body jets. These are particularly stimulating and excellent for poor circulation.


It improves circulation and speeds up the purification and perspiring process.

At a temperature of 65 ºC your body starts to perspire after 15 – 20 minutes. The very gentle heating of the body initiates the purifying and detoxifying process in harmony.

Now use the Kneipp hose to apply cold water to the body: Starting from the feet and moving towards the heart – e.g. start with the left foot, move up to the knees, to the upper legs and then use the same procedure with the right leg. Then the arms starting with the hands and moving up to the shoulders.

After this refreshing Kneipp application stay in the Laconium for another 7 – 10 minutes. You will experience a beautiful, tingling sensation on the skin. After a rest of 20 minutes you should repeat this process. You should take about 1 hour to use the Laconium.

Kneipp Walk

The Kneipp Walk combines the vitalising changes of warm and cold water with the physical stimulation of pressure massage. (click to get further information below)

Walk slowly through the stream and feel its energising effect. The changing of cold and warm water releases thermal stimulation which encourages blood circulation and eases aches and pains.

We recommend that you warm up your feet in the warm basin before leaving the kneipp Walk

Finnish Sauna

This Finnish wood-line sauna is warm and dry, with a temperature between 80-100 ºC. The body heats up quickly, inducing perspiration and opening the pores. It cleanses the body of impurities and is thought to enhance the body’s immune
defences as well as relieving stress.

Ice Fountain 

This is an ideal contrast to the heat treatments (sauna, steam bath)

The crushed ice stimulates the circulation and boosts the lymphatic and immune systems. The continuous falling ice and the refrigeration give a powerful and uplifting feeling, which is why ice fountains are used in medical spas to treat anxiety, stress and depression.

How to get the best results?

Take handfuls of ice flakes from the Ice Fountain and rub them vigorously all over the body, this contracts the pores of the skin rapidly, forcing out impurities.

Reflexology Foot Basin  

Soak your feet in the warm, bubbling water and enjoy a new relaxing experience. The bubbling in the warm reflexology basin has not only a very relaxing effect but also refreshes and revitalises.

Warm air and water in the reflexology basin regulate the circulation and stimulate the immune system. The physical relaxation also has a very positive influence on the state of the mind. For hygienic reasons the reflexology basins are filled with fresh water for every guest


The Farnham Estate Health Spa Gymnasium opens daily to our guests from 8am - 9pm.

It features a range of cardiovascular equipment including cross-trainers, cycles, recumbent cycles and treadmills. A range of strength-training equipment and free weights are also available to complete your work-out.

The gym looks out over beautiful countryside and our expert Health and Fitness Co-ordinators are on hand to offer advice and help as required.

If you are not sure how to use the gym our gym instructors are on hand to give advice and show you how to use the gym equipment correctly.

You can also book, for an extra charge, a full or mini fitness assessment, Personal Exercise Programme or one of the Health Assessments to discover what regime would best suit you and your lifestyle.

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