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Secret River of Health Ritual by Ground Wellbeing

We are delighted to announce the launch of Ground Wellbeings latest ritual; The Secret River of Health at Farnham Estate.  

GROUND created this new ritual with World renowned Health & Wellness Expert, Christine Clinton to innovatively focus on providing dedicated support to the Lymphatic System through the power of touch. 

Committed to sincere wellbeing, Ground have always emphasised the importance of addressing wellness concerns through therapeutic touch. Their quest to understand this further, continually led them back to the Lymphatic System and recognising the significance in empowering  spa therapists with tools to create massage rituals that deliver profound benefits without excessive pressure. 

Extensive research has shown the pivotal role the Lymphatic System plays when it comes to living a healthy and vital life. The lymphatic system touches every other system in the body and so the simple truth is this; the better the lymph runs, the better the body runs. 

While it lacks a central pump, certain actions, such as deep breathing, muscular movement and specific massage techniques enable us to influence lymphatic flow. The diaphragm acting as a sort of pump, particularly when partaking in conscious breathing exercises, reinforces our belief in the power of the breath combined with massage techniques. This emphasis is integrated into all our rituals, coming front and centre in this new lymphatic focused treatment.

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The Secret River of Health at Farnham Estate

Soothing Lymphatic Support Ritual

This 60 minute ritual is designed to have a deeply relaxing, sedating impact, this rhythmic full body ritual works to encourage and support lymphatic flow while inducing a state of rest and renewal. Gentle techniques to stretch and massage the skin to support lymph flow, mindful breathwork and the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy combine to create this unique ritual. Through the power of touch, this meditative treatment works to restore the body’s natural fluid balance & immune function, making it ideal for everyone. This ritual encourages us to tune into our body: understanding the lymphatic system really is our body’s ‘secret river of health. This treatment is safe & effective for anyone with a healthy Lymphatic system.

Treatment Benefits:

Promotes the circulation of lymph 
Helps to naturally rid the body of toxins and waste material
A healthy lymphatic system is a healthy immune system
Gentle and therapeutic

Alongside ‘The Secret River of Health’ are a selection of GROUND’s advanced massage rituals, tailored to each individual by our experienced team of spa therapists. Working with purpose and intention, the therapists bring a wealth of knowledge and skill to ensure that every individual receives personalised hands-on touch therapy.