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The Course

This stunning parkland course is spread over 500 acres of rolling countryside and dense woodland. There is an undeniable sense of nature all around and an atmosphere of peace and quiet that can not fail to capture the spirit of relaxation at arguably the top Golf Resort Ireland can offer.

The two nines are quite contrasting in nature. The gentle but challenging journey on the front nine explores the undulating meadows of this magnificent estate while the back nine is a more vigorous test of golf, travelling through denser more rugged woodland.

Bunkers are not in plentiful supply at Farnham golf course, but each one is very well positioned and in the main large and dead flat. They are not manicured as one might expect, but aesthetically natural which is the overriding feeling of the whole estate.  The greens are a near-perfect texture and allow for a wide variety of possible pin positions, facilitating the enjoyment of all categories of golfer. The contours are interesting but sensible.

Only time will tell what the signature hole will be at Farnham and there are numerous possibilities such as the 2nd, 10th, 15th or 16th. The designer’s own favourite is the fourth, requiring a slight draw off the tee between two large oak trees, opening up a well guarded green with water behind and to the right.

A meandering stream and no less than seven lakes are features of this parkland spread, as well as ancient trees, a fairy fort, a wishing well, lots of wild garlic and indeed its fair share of wildlife.
This a long track by any standard and to ensure optimum enjoyment and year-long play, there are buggy paths throughout.

Course Layout by our PGA Pro Neil McNulty

 Course Gallery

Hole 1

Par 4- The generous fairway awaits your tee shot, the approach shot always plays 1 club more due to the severity of the slope.

Hole 2

Par 4- A right to left tee shot should put you in the best positions for a tricky approach shot over water, the back left of the green is always a popular area that gathers approaches. 

Hole 3

Par 4- A dog leg right where the bigger hitters have a chance to leave themselves a short approach shot by taking on the water, a fairway wood and a mid-iron may be the better option however as the hole has a generous size green. 

Hole 4

Par 4- Our signature hole, recommended to aim towards the big trees in the fairway and trust the slope to do the rest, once in position the green is protected by water right and long. A 4 on this hole will produce the biggest smile of the day. 

Hole 5

Par 3- The first par 3 on the course is a tough but fair hole which is well protected by bunkering. 

Hole 6

Par 5-  A long strategic par 5 where once on the fairway from your drive the challenge is to position the second shot between large bunkers that contain golf ball magnets. Once these have been dealt with many golfers like to take a breath of relief before moving on to their next shot.

Hole 7

Par 4- A strong par 4 where the first objective is to avoid the bunkering left. Once that has been achieved you will be left with a short iron to a narrow green. 

Hole 8

Par 3- The second par 3 on the course and what a gem it is. Reading 189 yards from the tee to a green which is protected by a drain to the left, catches any shot that has been pulled. The bunkers to the right are the general bailout area. 

Hole 9

Par 5- A fair par 5 at the turn avoid the bunkers from the tee. The bigger hitters who fancy hitting it in two have to manipulate the ball between the front left bunker and the drain which runs all the way up the right hand side of the hole. 

Hole 10

Par 4- A short par 4 to a narrow green where the slope of the fairway should bring your ball to the right hand side leaving you a full visual of the green.  

Hole 11

Par 4- The longest par 4 on the course require a drive to the left centre of the fairway in order to give you the best view of the green.

Hole 12

Par 3- The first par 3 of the back 9 from a slightly elevated tee you must safely manoeuvre the ball to the centre of the green all the while avoiding the bunkers on the left.

Hole 13

Par 4- This par 4 is nestled between two forests where accuracy is a must. Once finding the fairway a sloping green awaits your approach shot. 

Hole 14

Par 4- The shortest par 4 on the course. Any shot of 200 yards should leave a nice pitch into a slightly elevated green. 

Hole 15

Par 5- The longest hole on the golf course stretching along a tree lined fairway. The second shot must be kept to the right to give yourself the best angle to the green for your approach. 

Hole 16

Par 3- A picturesque par 3 from an elevated tee box looking down to a generous green defeated by large bunkers both left and right. 

Hole 17

Par 4- Straight forward par 4. Miss the bunkers off the tee to leave yourself a mid- iron approach to the green. 

Hole 18

Par 5- A strong par 5 where the player must negotiate his drive away from the lake on the right a good lay-up with the 2nd shot will leave a short-iron approach to an undulating green.