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The Wine Goose Cellar Bar

History of The Wine Geese


"Winegeese" is the name given to the emigrant Irish families who, from the 17th century onwards, engaged in the wine trade in the various countries that they adopted. Many of these pioneering Irish families played significant and enduring roles in the viticultural development of some of the principal winegrowing regions in both the Old and New World, such as Alistair Burke of Bordeaux, whose wine features in our own Wine Goose Cellar

The Irish did not become involved with the wine and brandy business by accident. For centuries there had been trading connections between Ireland and the wine producing areas of Europe. Irish emigrants were mainly involved in wine production in France, but they also settled in parts of Spain, Italy and Germany.

In later centuries, further generations of ‘winegeese’ settled further a field in North America, Chile, South Africa and Australia.

Underneath Farnham House is an array of underground tunnels which served as the kitchen and quarters for the Farnham House staff throughout the centuries. Today, one of these tunnels located underneath the hotel’s reception area houses the Wine Goose Cellar Bar where guests and visitors alike can enjoy dinner or a drink, and step back in time. This is a wonderfully interesting and atmospheric bar and is often used as a venue for wine tasting evenings.  Food served from 6pm - 10pm. 

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