Explore Nature

“While I was walking here in late January,
Spring tip-toed into Farnham Estate.
A grey and chill morning turned sunny and cheerful.
Swans quietly appeared on Farnham Lough.
A red squirrel and I gazed at each other from a few metres apart,
then we continued about our respective tasks;
mine being to describe for you the delightful trails on our doorstep at Farnham.”

Tom Phelan     

The nature walks are all located on Farnham Estate Cavan and they start and finish at the front door of the hotel. Once you set off, the world seems to slow down. Your surroundings become those of trees and ivy, branches and moss, swans and songbirds, rabbits and hares, solitude and tranquility. Some of the routes bring you into a cathedral-like ambiance amid tall pines, some past a tangy aroma of wild garlic, some past the quiet lapping of reed water fanned by a gentle breeze.

The walking surface underfoot varies from old grass-striped estate road to grassy woodland path to mossy carpet. There really is a sound of silence; you will hear it on these walks. But if you listen more closely as you ramble along in the three-hundred-year old footprints of landed gentry and their staff you will hear that maybe it’s not such a silence after all. There is an entire orchestra of sound out there and a son et lumière of light and shade to enjoy. The walk routes are simple and easy. They vary from about 45 minutes total walking time to 2.5 hours and perhaps more if you take time out along the way. There is good signage throughout, so you won’t get lost.

Whether you are a regular walker, or are just curious to see what this estate has to offer during your stay at the Farnham Estate, there is sure to be something interesting on these simple walks in the woods and park lands of this beautiful and historic land.